Phenolic and Steel Counterplates


The phenolic Counterplate allows clients to produce cartons with good-quality creasing.

The benefits of a phenolic Counterplate are:

  • Economical
  • Easy Set Up

This product is often used for most box designs and for a small to medium run.


This is the ideal solution for the perfect crease! Our steel Counterplates will allow you to obtain the most precise and consistent creases from your first sheet to your last.


  • Reduced set-up time
  • Faster Speed of press
  • Reduced carton flaking
  • Reduced crease draw
  • Smaller and fewer nicks needed
  • Optimal for reverse half-cuts (score) and in-line embossing


  • The hardness of these plates can vary depending on your die-cutting needs.
  • The 35 HRC plate is more affordable and will allow you take advantage of all the benefits listed. Ideal for small to medium runs.
  • The 48 HRC and 50 HRC is a more durable plate ideal for medium to large runs.
  • Finally, we also offer the option of chroming our steel plates to increase the durability.