Blanking Tools

Blanking ToolsFeatures and Benefits

Our blanking tools are built with attention to detail for adhering to press manufacturer specifications.

From the simple to the complex, we have the knowledge and equipement to work with our customers to provide the optimum layout that will ensure top speed and consistency to achieve proper blanking on press.

Below is a list of our available blanking products:


BSI Angle-Lock Lower Blanker

  • Over 80 percent of the tool components are reusable
  • The unique Angle-Lock system assures squareness and accuracy
  • We use the unique BSI software that guides us though the programming process with confidence
  • The BSI system allows us to program and manufacture dedicated press-ready Blanking tools for long run jobs, and Blanking tools for medium and short run jobs that will require easy assembly from the client.

Upper Blanking Tool

  • Manufactured with wood silhouette pushers and rubber to provide accurate and reliable blank separation
  • Pushing units are attached to the board with machined metal spacers for proper height control
  • Quick-Lock press-ready when required


Flat Top Hybrid Lower Blanker

  • An economical blanking option for double knifes and single knife jobs
  • Uses laser cut boards for reduced cost
  • Are produced primarily with high quality wood, and the addition of steel reinforcement plates if required 
  • Requires minimal assembly

Full Pressing System

  • Ideal for non-linear or irregular layouts
  • Stabilizing the entire scrap skeleton for proper blank separation
  • With this system higher speeds and fewer stoppages are achieved