About Diebec

At the forefront of innovation for over three decades

Diebec produces Steel Rule Cutting Dies, Counter Plates, Stripping Tools, Blanking Tools and Embossing Tools for consumer packaging, corrugated packaging and merchandising displays manufacturers.

One of our priorities is to invest in innovation, through the development of new products and through investment in the latest manufacturing technologies. Our manufacturing technologies include laser, water-jet, milling and steel rule auto-bending equipment, as well as, the latest computer-aided design software.

Diebec’s main competitive advantages are our industry knowledge and the experience of our employees. When matched with our experienced employees, our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ manufacturing processes and their manufacturing equipment, allows us to produce industry leading solutions.

We proudly serve our clients in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

How we do it

  • Step 1Specifications

    It all starts with our technical sales representatives’ first visit of your production facilities. Customers are quick to realize the depth of our knowledge of their presses and manufacturing processes.
  • Step 2Customization

    Once you chose Diebec as a partner for your production process, our internal systems are customized to the specifications of your presses and special remarks are regularly added to your profile. We do this to ensure that, from the onset, your orders are processed efficiently, with specific instructions to direct our experienced professionals in the manufacturing process.
  • Step 3Creation

    The creation of your product begins with a competitive quote, followed by order entry and design. These initial stages are overseen by our technical director, who works closely with the production manager. The production managers is responsible for the die board & counter plate department, the automated rule bending department, the assembly & rubber department, as well as quality control.
  • Step 4Review

    This last stage is not one we take lightly. Diebec ensures each product is inspected and passes our Make-ready Certified checklist.
  • Step 5Delivery

    Once a product passes inspection, it is shipped throughout North America. Various shipping options are available; we support Just-in-time manufacturing.